In recent years, technological advancements have created new opportunities for airlines and MROs by offering a data-driven approach to inventory management. In this guide, we bring you 10 integrated software systems that can simplify your material handling.

According to a study conducted by Chief Supply Chain Officer Insights, MROs are finding the supply chain increasingly complex. 24 percent of companies in the study indicated that they find their supply chain “very complex,” whilst 42 percent found the supply chain to be “somewhat complex”. Naturally, the more complicated a supply chain is, the harder it will be to manage efficiently. 

So what can you do to keep supply chain activities running smoothly across different departments? One step you can take, if you haven’t already, is to implement inventory optimization software, or IO software for short.

State-of-the-art inventory management systems use big data to evaluate the probability of different lead times and demand patterns, improving forecasting and inventory planning as a whole.

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»Many companies have achieved significant results from their IO implementations, as the survey data supports, often reducing overall network inventory levels by well into the double digit percentages,« the study from Chief Supply Chain Officer Insights concludes.

Streamlining the operational costs 

Getting these results isn’t necessarily easy. Inventory optimization tools require buy-in from the organisation as a whole, and even if this is fulfilled, some MRO’s and airlines will find themselves in brand new territory, as they have to adapt to the relatively new technologies, tools and workflows.

However, according to Chief Supply Chain Officer Insights, the benefits of implementing IO software greatly outweighs the potential downsides of the adaptation process.

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If you have yet to get started with using an inventory management system in the MRO department, we strongly suggest you take a look at these 10 popular optimization software systems below.

10 inventory management systems for airlines and MROs 

1. WinAir enterprise

WinAir is considered one of the flagships within aviation management software systems and offers a long list of functionalities, including a maintenance and inventory management system. Features include a maintenance and inventory flow process, which supports unlimited aircraft, workstations and bases. The software can be integrated with a Microsoft SQL server, and data can be accessed on the go through an Internet connection. This software is especially useful for larger companies that require a comprehensive set of features.

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2. Airline Suite

Airline Suite is another all-around inventory and maintenance control system. The software offers aircraft reliability tracking, maintenance and budget forecast, inventory management as well as work and purchase orders in one single tool. Through the reliability tracking tool, users can view flight schedules, flight sector logs, aircraft maintenance logs and much more, helping airlines plan maintenance better and save time.

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3. QAV aviation systems

QAV Aviation Systems offers three different software systems for aviation management: TX System, a tracking system for maintenance employee training, Quick AD, granting easy access to airworthiness directives and lastly MX System, which is their aviation maintenance tracking software. Selected features include maintenance component tracking, document tracking, planning and reliability, flight log administration as well as maintenance and inventory control.

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4. Ramco aviation M&E/MRO solutions

Ramco Aviation M&E/MRO Solutions – more of a maintenance tool than an inventory tool – can help you speed up the turnaround of aircraft. The software promises to help MROs streamline and minimize their processes, in order to create a leaner and more efficient operation. Selected features include maintenance planning, execution configurations, supply chain logistics, cost tracing and invoices.

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5. Aero one

Designed for both small and larger MRO facilities, Aero One offers greater predictability by integrating planning, inventory, repair processes, monitoring and control in a single tool. With real-time synchronisation of information, the software offers leaner communication across multiple departments, allowing everyone in the organisation to work more efficiently. Selected features include tracking of parts and equipment receivings, repair information, work orders, inspections and logistics.

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6. AirData

AirData is a procurement and inventory management system specifically designed for the aviation industry. It provides companies with a list of tools required to run MRO operations more efficiently. Selected features include creating, printing and viewing purchase orders, invoices, repair orders, vendor quotations, inventory control and material certifications. 

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7. IHS optiX  

This is another all-around supply chain management tool. The software offers a range of features within each supply chain activity and delivers concrete recommendations for key supply chain areas such as planning, designing, installing, and repair and overhaul by analysing collected data. The software is able to guide companies with buying, stocking and locating parts in the right place for maximum efficiency.

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8. Ultramain supply chain

Ultramain’s M&E and MRO software helps you manage materials provided by different sources by collecting and analysing data in a completely paperless environment. It offers a broad range of products that support a lot of different supply chain areas and departments. Features include tools within engineering, material management, planning and scheduling, maintenance execution as well as financials.

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9. CheckMate

CheckMate is a tool-tracking software that utilizes barcode technology to track stockroom inventory, equipment, tools, capital equipment as well as documents and work orders. By showing managers who used which tools last, and when their due back for the next task, this software can help reduce losses and improve tracking of the inventory.

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10. AirStat

The company behind the AirStat software, Airinmar, offers a list of inventory and supply chain management software solutions. For MROs and airline financial departments, the AirStat software is especially useful, as AirStat offers insights into internal efficiency and supplier performance – granting managers a clear overview of areas or suppliers that are performing badly. Massive amounts of data are interpreted by the software and displayed as charts, graphs and tables in an easy-to-read and visual dashboard.

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Source: MRO Network