Satair Market will be partly unavailable this Sunday

On Sunday, 26 June scheduled migration of Satair Market from a server to a cloud hosting setup will take place.

We make this move to secure a reliable, stable, and fast ordering experience also in the future.

If you are planning to use Satair Market this Sunday, please be aware that the platform will be down for about 6 hours.


When does the downtime start and end?
The downtime is expected to run from 2am to 6am CEST. During the 10 hours following the upgrade, products will slowly return to the search. All other features should be available immediately after the upgrade. We expect to be back at full speed at 4pm CEST.

What if the downtime starts while I have products in the cart?
Should you be interacting with Satair Market, such as placing products in the cart, these changes will be stored and migrated to the Satair Market cloud.

What if I need to place an AOG order during the downtime?
You need to contact your regional AOG support for assistance. You can find your AOG support information on this page