Latest updates on Corona Virus

Satair is closely monitoring the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and taking every possible precaution to anticipate the development and ensure appropriate measures are taken.

Along with colleagues around the world, we are closely monitoring the spread and impacts of COVID-19. 

The highest priority remains the safety and health of our customers, suppliers, and employees, and we are taking measures at all our sites to ensure that we are doing our utmost to limit the spread of the virus. We thoroughly follow directions and guidelines from global, national and local health authorities and governments at all our sites.

Whilst health and safety remains the top priority, we are equally ensuring that our operations are minimally impacted.

Please contact your Satair representative or your Airbus Customer Support Director if you have any questions related specifically to your account. We remain at your disposal. 

Operational Status

Please be aware that our Supply Chain is currently facing availability constraints in different locations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, the industry is experiencing fewer transport options, which are partially due to limited flight connections from various hubs.

Please consider the following regarding your material management operations:

  • Kindly notify us immediately, in case you need to change your forwarder or corresponding routings for urgent cases
  • We might be contacting you to confirm Box collection, at any time, by your nominated forwarder or subcontracted agent
  • Please consider, to adapt your given routing instruction for a temporary period of time. For example, you have the opportunity to utilize Integrators as an alternative transport method
  • For AOG orders, please feel free to ask your dedicated AOG Team for any alternative option for a transport solution and please mention which of your orders we shall prioritize
  • For other orders priorities, please feel free to contact your dedicated SPOC for alternative solutions

We remain committed to supporting our customers and to find the best options and solutions for your material needs, taking into consideration the current challenging environment.

Any information above which might be outdated on short-term will be updated as soon as possible.