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Up to 30% Off Semi-finished Floor Panels

Are you in need of high-quality semi-finished floor panels for your projects?

Look no further! For a limited time only, we are offering up to 30% discount on our premium floor panels.

Semi-finished floor panels in an aircraft serve a crucial role beyond simply providing a flat surface to walk on. They play a vital role in ensuring the overall safety of the aircraft during normal operations, as they bear high loads and are designed to resist impact.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade your aircraft's flooring.

Why choose our floor panels?

Short Lead Time

Need the parts urgently? We have our floor panels stocked worldwide to ensure local availability and operational flexibility. Furthermore, due to the high coverage area of the semi-finished floor panels all material can be sourced via Satair, you can count on a quick delivery to minimize downtime and get your aircraft back in the air swiftly.

Improved Quality and Performance

Our floor panels are engineered to outperform the competition. Built with robust materials, they offer exceptional durability and longevity. You can trust that our panels won't get easily damaged, providing a reliable and long-lasting flooring solution for your aircraft.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency

By choosing our floor panels, you not only gain superior quality but also enjoy cost savings and improved efficiency. Even without the limited-time price reduction, our panels are already cheaper compared to other options on the market. With this special offer, the value is even more remarkable.

Offer is only valid until 29 February 2024

Take advantage of this exclusive promotion today and elevate your aviation experience with our premium floor panels.

Don't wait too long, as this offer is only valid until the end of February. Upgrade your aircraft's flooring with confidence and experience the difference our panels can make.

Learn more about this limited-time offer and get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements by using the form below (cookie acceptance required).


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