Readiness in a box – introducing Maintenance Kits

Simplify your maintenance routine with a complete kit for A-checks. Reduce Costs. Streamline processes. Minimise AOG.

Introducing Maintenance Kits for your A-checks. An all-in-one kit reduces vendor management, logistic hurdles, and incomplete packages. With our kits, you’ll get exactly what you need – and not a bolt more.

A-checks are an important, unavoidable, and predictable part of aircraft maintenance tasks. It also takes up valuable time sourcing, planning, and managing material logistics required for the operation.

But if we know what’s involved in a standard A-check, why not create a kit with all the material needed? What if MSN data combined with deep Airbus expertise results in smart maintenance kits to just your preference? Well, now it does.

And we want to free up as much of your time as possible. With your maintenance plan, aircraft data, and a few preference inputs, we’ll tailor the kits for you.

You get to choose from:

  • Standard A-check kit: Exactly what the manual of your aircraft model dictates with no additional items.
  • Standard A-check kit of selected parts only: If you prefer to source some standard parts yourself, we’ll happily remove parts from the kits.
  • Tailored A-check kit with extra parts: If you need specific solutions, our experts will customise your kit to your MSN’s need.

Our Maintenance Kits for the A-checks on the A320 family come with several benefits. Explore them below:

What’s in it for you?

Cost of ownership

Buy only what you need from one vendor instead of sourcing the world. Get all necessary materials in one shipment with this reduced vendor management effort.

Operational Availability

Stock full kits on the shelf to prepare for future fleet checks. Then you only need to book hangars and maintenance crew. Way easier!

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk!

Get your individual Maintenance Kits offer below and let’s discuss your specific material needs for your fleet and maintenance routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your most common questions about the Maintenance Kits.

We currently accommodate the kits to the A320 Family.

While these kits are en route, we currently solely carry the kits for the A-checks. However, if you require specific kits, please reach out to your Single Point of Contact to make an inquiry.

If you don’t have any specific requirements, the kits will consist of the required parts from the manual based on your MSN data.

Maybe you have a great vendor deal or a large stock of a certain standard parts. All the same, we’ll happily remove certain pieces from your kit.

We currently solely carry kits for the A320 Family – but others are in the works. If you need particular kits, please contact your Single Point of Contact to inquire.

Use the contact form above to register for an individual offer and we’ll reach out as soon as possible. If our contact form is not loading, try to refresh your page.