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Utilise your A320/A321 cargo hold and expand your service offering with ModCar. Any route. Any season

Introducing the world’s first flexible cargo handling solution. With the innovative ModCar modular cargo system from Telair, your fleet will be able to offer more services at the same time.

No one can predict where business opportunities lie, even in the near future. Why not monetise your empty cargo bay area and be able to serve different requirements/circumstances? Transport passengers and baggage one day and haul cargo the next. 

Watch the short video below to get an introduction to the innovative ModCar system from Telair.

Benefits for your business

With a one-time investment, you will be equipped for cargo handling at any time. And it takes just two mechanics to reconfigure the Modcar cargo solution of your aircraft.

Key benefits


Easy reconfiguration. Transform compartments according to your demands and various cargo types.


Its quick-change technology allows you to transform your compartments overnight and reduce operational costs.


A reliable and long-lasting system featuring state-of-the-art technology lightweight components.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions on the Telair ModCar system

The system is perfectly developed to fit into the Airbus A320 family (A320, A321).

You may choose between full bulk cargo or containerized cargo loading modules. Once you have installed one system, you will always be able to purchase the other system later.

First time installation of the pre-assembled floor modules is estimated to 80 hours for two mechanics.

It takes two mechanics overnight to reconvert ModCar for different cargo requirements. It’s easily done alongside other maintenance activities.

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