New Marketplace solution

Discover a true one-stop shop for Used Serviceable and Surplus Material powered by Satair Market

To help you run the most cost-efficient business possible, we have enriched Satair Market with a marketplace. Now we can offer you the possibility of buying Used Serviceable Material (USM) and Surplus material directly from vetted sellers.

As your dedicated service provider, we never stop advancing our offerings for the benefit of our customers. Especially during these challenging times of our industry. With both used and surplus material from partner-sellers together with parts provided by Satair, we now give you a wider range of products to choose from.

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Benefit from: 


Explore available USM and Surplus material at fair prices from an extended unique global supplier network.


Enjoy an enhanced one-stop shop with a wide selection of material, easy ordering, and fast delivery. The solution based on the award-winning and highly user-friendly Satair Market. Easily manage all your orders, documents, and certificates and take advantage of advanced communication functionalities and dedicated customer support.


Rely on a trustworthy platform and our Satair/Airbus Know-Your-Customer (KYC) due diligence, dedicated seller validation, and export control screening.

How to buy USM and Surplus material on Satair Market?

Log on to Market like you are used to and start your search and place your orders.

  • All third-party seller products are marked with a teal-coloured ribbon.

  • View seller name, stock level and availability directly from search.

  • One check-out of multiple carts and one order overview.

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Have questions about buying USM and Surplus material?

We have created a short Q&A below. If you still have questions you can contact our dedicated marketplace team by using the contact form below.

You can find comprehensive information about the Seller's company on the Seller page on the Market. It includes Seller's quality approvals and corresponding certificates.

All Sellers are vetted with a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and quality screening processes by Satair when they are listed on the Market. Seller’s quality classification based on Satair policy is displayed on the Seller page.

Each Seller’s terms and conditions of sales will apply when you buy material on the Market. You can find Seller’s terms and conditions on the product, the check-out, and Seller’s pages on the Market.

Want to sell parts and monetise your inventory?

Gain market access to all our aviation customers around the world and be part of Satair’s artificial intelligence quotation process. Get a better customer understanding and fair market value support through valuable insights into real-time demand versus your inventory book value.

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