Your future. We're on it.

Satair launches global brand campaign to celebrate the customer-focused can-do spirit that has united employees all over the planet from 1957 to today's hyper digitized business environment.

When a company is born, its first steps is usually to either do one thing better than the existing competitors – or to do something no-one has ever done before. But success tends to blur the picture, and after a while businesses end up doing all sorts of things to service customers better and better. At Satair, we started out with selling spare parts for the aviation industry in 1957 – and never stopped. We just added a wide range of other services to our offering, too. And so, the answer to the question "what does Satair do?" luckily got increasingly longer over the years. But sometimes, brevity is key. In order to tell a compelling story about who we are and what we do, we chose to spotlight the one aspect that remains unchanged: our entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to assisting our valued customers.

Our new tagline sums it all up in a few words that are just as easy to remember as they are hard to forget: ‘Your future. We're on it.’ That sentiment is the cornerstone of our branding campaign, which invites you to tag along and see what we do and how we operate in our offices, hangars, and warehouses to deliver the solutions that made us who we are.

The campaign takes off with a range of videos that each tell the story of the Satair brand. In the videos, we capture moments that form the nature of our business and make us who we are. If you're curious for more, some of them have been cut into longer theme-based chapters. Like this 30-second video about the most essential part of what we do; making sure every aircraft is ready to take off and touch down at the right time.

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