Learning and Development

At Satair we empower you to develop your knowledge and skills

In today’s complex, volatile and fast-moving business landscape, continuous training and development is crucial.

At Satair, you are in the driving seat of your career, and you are empowered to develop your knowledge and skills. 

Promoting a feedback culture within the workplace, we adopt a social learning method, where you learn from exchanging feedback, observing, and working with others. We encourage active participation in professional networks or common interest groups to bounce ideas around , perform knowledge transfers and mentoring. 

Through workplace learning, you will gain real-life and on-the-job experience as well as task and problem-solving skills. Satair also offers formal learning opportunities, including different types of classroom training as well as offering digital sessions on our internal learning catalogue. 

Beyond our standard training courses we also offer customized training. This  is designed to equip you with the skills needed to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges. 

Our Satair Learning Lab 

The Satair Learning Lab is a cross functional team with one common passion: lifelong learning. A network of trainers, learning managers, business coaches and experts, who, together with our Satair People & Workplace community, support your growth and personal development via innovative learning solutions.

Are you hungry to learn? Join us at Satair, for a meaningful journey on which you develop yourself both professionally and personally. 

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