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A220 Resolution Manager

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With a passion for aviation and a strong commitment to her team, Kendra has been an integral part of Satair for six years. Read her story below.

What excites you most about working in aviation?

I initially joined Satair while waiting to be accepted into a Nursing program. I thought a contract position at Satair would be a great way to fill the time productively. However, as I started working and got immersed in the aviation industry, I realized how much I enjoyed it. The dynamic nature of the field and the opportunities for growth captivated me. I soon decided to change my career path from nursing to aviation. It was the best decision I ever made, and I have been passionate about aviation ever since.

What keeps you motivated on the job at Satair?

What keeps me motivated at Satair is the supportive and positive work environment. The culture here is incredibly encouraging, we are always urged to share our ideas and collaborate. Our teams are not only engaged and productive but also genuinely happy and supportive of one another. This sense of community and the opportunity to work with such dedicated and passionate colleagues makes every day enjoyable and fulfilling.

"Satair's dynamic environment fuels my passion for aviation every day. Being part of a team that values innovation and collaboration keeps me motivated to push boundaries and strive for excellence."

Which of our company values resonate with you? Can you recall a situation in which you or someone else lived up to our values?

The Satair value of having a "Can-Do Attitude" resonates with me the most. I can recall times when we have set out to complete projects where it did not work out as planned. In this environment, we never quit! We simply go back to the drawing board as many times as needed until we deliver the results. I am proud to work for a company that shares one of my core values.

Have you experienced inclusivity in your work environment?

Satair is one big melting pot. I have the pleasure of working with individuals from all over the world with different perspectives and backgrounds. No matter which side of the world I am on, I feel equally involved and respected.

What advice would you give a fellow Newcomer?

For newcomers, my advice would be to actively engage and seize every opportunity for involvement. Satair offers a diverse range of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), catering to various interests and backgrounds. Embrace these opportunities to connect, learn, and make meaningful contributions. You will not regret being part of the positive energy and collective impact generated by these initiatives.

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