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Head of Supply Management OEM Parts, Europe

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Yorgo joined Satair in 2018 as an Account Director, handling sales and support for EMEA customers. He later became a Strategy Manager, driving cross-functional initiatives. In 2024, he became Head of Supply Management OEM Parts Europe, overseeing the procurement of essential aircraft parts. Read his story below

Why did you join Satair?

I have always been fascinated by the aerospace industry and its dynamic nature. The sector is highly regulated and driven by exciting innovations that push human boundaries. When I learned that Airbus had a material services subsidiary in Denmark called Satair, I became intrigued to discover more about its activities. Soon enough, I grew convinced that joining Satair, a reputable company in the aerospace aftermarket, would expose me to leading airlines and MROs where I can contribute to safeguarding the continued airworthiness of aircraft while leveraging my diverse skills. In addition, belonging to the big Airbus family and becoming part of a leading company in the aerospace industry has benefited my career in many aspects.

What keeps you motivated on the job at Satair?

Since my adventure with Satair started in 2018, I have quickly experienced the unique culture of Satair of delivering innovative customer-oriented solutions while prioritizing integrity and respect. I'm grateful to the diverse team of highly talented people who continue to inspire me daily. 

"Your journey at Satair can be as rewarding as you make it."

Which of our company values resonate with you? Can you recall a situation in which you or someone else lived up to our values?

Satair's commitment to a "can-do attitude" resonates deeply with me. It's more than just a motto; it's ingrained in our daily operations. We're entrusted to find solutions that positively impact our customers, fostering a strong sense of ownership throughout the organization.

What advice would you give a fellow Newcomer?

For those new to Satair, my advice is to set clear goals and pursue them with determination. The company is committed to empowering you and fostering your growth, so take full advantage of the support and development opportunities available.

Tell us about one of the most memorable experiences from your time at Satair. What made it so special and unforgettable?

A standout moment for me was leading an agile innovation initiative within the strategy function. The energy, collaboration, and dedication displayed by the cross-functional team were remarkable. Together, we explored creative ways to address customer challenges, leaving a meaningful impact on our business.

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