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AOG support 24/7

From our dedicated AOG Competence Center

Satair offers 24h Aircraft On Ground (AOG) support giving the highest priority to your AOG orders with the shared goal of returning your aircraft to service as soon as possible.

Order the products you need for your AOG situation on Satair Market, by selecting the corresponding order priority. When you reach the check-out of your order, please select “AOG” as your shipping priority to ensure fastest handling.


Once your order is ready to be picked up by your nominated forwarder, its status changes to “Ready for forwarder” in your order overview. You will also receive an email with this notification, if you have chosen to receive notifications from Satair Market. As soon as the forwarder submitted the tracking number or so-called air waybill number (AWB), it will also be visible both on your order overview and in the status email.

Once your order is ready to be picked up by your nominated forwarder and said forwarder has submitted the information back to Satair, the tracking number or so-called air waybill number (AWB), will be visible both on your order overview and in the notification email we send to you at the same time. If we have not received the AWB number from your forwarder, we may ask you to contact your forwarder directly and ask them to provide you with the AWB number.


A physical copy of the airworthiness certificate is dispatched with your part. If your certificate is missing, please email your regional Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at the Customer Order Fulfillment and our Quality department will issue an original certificate which can be couriered to your requested ship-to address. In future, a digital certificate is planned to be made available for download.

Yes! If you want to use a new ship-to address which is not loaded for your account, please contact the AOG desk. If required, we will interrupt the automatic voucher creation process before the order is packed.

If your order is already being processed  or has been ordered from a third party by us on your behalf, then a ship-to change is more difficult and may require the order to be cancelled and reprocessed from the beginning. In this case cancellation fees may apply.

The AOG desk does not have access to shipping documentation. Said documentation is created by our shipping department at the warehouse location from where the part is being shipped. After the picking and packing process, the shipping documents will be created and passed on to your nominated forwarder. Please approach your forwarding agent to provide you with copies of the documentation after your shipment has been collected.

If the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) does not meet your requirements, please inform the AOG desk by email that you need an improvement and include as much information as you can:

  • Aircraft MSN numberor tail number
  • Location where aircraft is grounded
  • Aircraft next revenue flight or latest acceptable date to avoid delayed return to service
  • Defect found/type of repair performing
  • Minimum quantity required to recover aircraft back to service
  • Appointed freight forwarder with 24/7 service to collect shipment
  • End user
  • Airbus engineering dossier reference

Also please include full contact details in your response in case we need to contact you by phone.

For orders that are drop-shipped from our suppliers, your freight forwarder will be contacted when the order is ready for pick-up. As we have a network of suppliers and the material can originate from multiple locations, we typically do not provide supplier details but can consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

On Satair Market we provide an order status update instead of the box number – both on your order overview and via notification emails.

You can check the status of your order on your order overview on Satair Market. If you have ordered an item not in stock, we will transmit an Estimated Delivery Date (EDD), which will be visible in your order overview. When your order is ready for shipment and the forwarder transmitted the data to Satair, the airway bill number (AWB) and shipping details will also be visible on Satair Market.


Status emails

We will keep you notified about the status of your order via email, if you have chosen to receive status emails from us.

The following events trigger an automatic status email from us:

  • When you place an order
  • When your order is being processed
  • When your shipment is ready for forwarding
  • When your shipment has been picked up by your forwarder

We consider local manufacturing requests on a case-by-case basis. In case there is a  further agreement with Satair, you may manufacture, exclusively for your own use, parts equivalent to Airbus parts. The decision is subject to the existence of one of the following circumstances:

  • the concerned parts are out of stock;
  • Airbus parts are needed to perform confirmed AOG repairs and are not available from Satair, its licensees or other approved sources within a lead time shorter than or equal to the time in which you can manufacture such parts;
  • when an Airbus part is identified as "Local Manufacture" in the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). 

Local Manufacturing shall not in any way be construed as a license.

Such manufacturing shall be under the sole liability of the buyer being solely responsible to ensure that such manufacturing is performed in accordance with the aviation authority requirements.

Any order cancellation following the approval for Local manufacturing will be subject to applicable cancellation fees.

Material ships from the location where stock is available. When you place an order for an item, which is in-stock at multiple warehouses, the system will automatically create a voucher at your preferred warehouse subject to the availability of such preference.

When an order has been packed it will be passed to our shipping department. They create shipping documents and notify your forwarding agent that the shipment is ready for pick-up. From this point onwards, our shipping department is waiting for your nominated forwarding agent to arrange the pick-up of your shipment.

Satair recommends that you contact your freight forwarder to expedite the pick-up of your shipment.

Part number evolutions are often a result of technical improvements that are a desired process in the aviation industry. If this happened to your order please check on Satair Market if the part you have ordered is interchangeable with the one you received. If there is no interchangeability, please contact your regional Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at the Customer Order Fulfillment for assistance with the information on hand which particular aircraft will receive the item.

Satair is charging a flat AOG priority fee per order line item only for Airbus proprietary parts . No extra form needs to be filled.

The fee covers the significant administrative efforts taken by our AOG desk and other technical departments – all with the aim of solving your AOG situation as fast as possible.

You can download a copy of the invoice from your order overview on Satair Market. All you need to do is to search for your order and click on the invoice number. You will then be prompted to download a pdf of your invoice.

If you need a part on AOG priority which is out of stock or the price is not visible on Satair Market, please send us an AOG order which will allow us to start sourcing the item. If not already known, the price will be calculated during the sourcing process and communicated to you.

Subject to availability AOG orders for material in stock are generally made available for pick-up within the same day. Our warehouse personnel will contact your freight forwarder when the part is available for pick-up. You may also track your AOG order on your order overview on Satair Market.