If you are currently using the Spec2000 Ordering system, the below most commonly asked questions might be relevant to you.

It is an e-business system specifically tailored to the airline industry's needs for procurement and repair transactions for aircraft maintenance and is recognized as the industry standard.

An alternative to using Spec2000 is to order online on Satair Market, where you can drop your own list of products as an .xml or .csv file and instantly view their availability and price.

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How do I search for multiple product numbers at once?

Yes, your Spec2000 orders are visible in your order overview and are tagged with Spec2000. Use the filter to switch between your Satair Market orders and your Spec2000 orders.

All your Spec2000 orders will be collated to the original PO number in the order overview.

Please contact your regional Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at the Customer Order Fulfillment or your Account Director who will be able to assist you in this matter.