Repairs & lease

Satair offers quality repair, lease and exchange services and solutions to support your fleet.

Please contact Satair‘s Repair department or your Account Director to get assistance on the right repair shop selection. 

 Yes you can, however, we prefer to contact your regional Single Point of Contact (SPOC) by sending an email to repair.proprietary@airbus.com to request a RAN (Return Authorisation Number) before shipping the repair unit. This practice will eliminate the possibility of a lost or delayed repair unit.

ECO stands for Efficient & Cost Optimised. For a selected range of Airbus proprietary parts, ECO offers repair solutions with fixed repair times and pre-defined prices. Price includes inspection, repair and certification. Flat exchange offers are also available.

OSS stands for On-site Stock Solution. OSS offers the possibility of having immediate access on-site to the parts they need for their maintenance tasks with no upfront investment, highest technical standards and very low service fees. You will have the freedom to decide which of the different repair services (Repair, Exchange or Lease) to take advantage of, only at the time actually needed to use the part.