What's new on Market

Here you can find an overview of the newest updates and features on Satair Market, with short, comprehensible guides.

Quotes for more than the available quantity

We have eliminated the option to quote for more than the available quantity on all 3rd party seller products.
In practice, this means that you cannot quote 10 products if the vendor only sells 5. Which of course will optimise your ordering experience.

New forwarding features

You will be prompted to enter “Forwarder service level details” when choosing selected forwarders. This is to ensure we have the right forwarder details for your order. Just fill out the details in the “additional forwarder instruction”-box as shown below.

We’ve also updated the order detail page so that all additional information (such as service levels) will be presented after your checkout.

Default shipping information

We’ve removed the option to choose “default shipping information” when we haven’t any default shipping information stored for your account in our system. You will have to select a forwarder at checkout.

If you do not want to fill in forwarder information every time you order something, please provide your default shipping instructions to your Customer Order Specialist, and our system will update right away.

Here’s to the sales lovers!

There is excellent news for buyers on the Satair marketplace. Our trusted 3rd party sellers will now show their products on sale with a crispy, red discount price. The original price will remain on the product for you to see both before and after expenses. The reduction will be presented as a percentage or a reduced number, giving you full transparency of the product’s price movements. We hope this new feature will make your buying even more swift and efficient.

Spot the difference …

… between Satair and products from our trusted 3rd party sellers from a mile away! We’ve made it even easier to distinguish products from Satair and other trusted 3rd party sellers with visible logos and clear color coding. Satair products are all black, whereas 3rd party seller products, like Eaton, are teal. Easy, right?