Integrated Purchasing Programme

Satair's Integrated Purchasing Program (Satair IPP®) addresses the need for extended product support for parts from medium-sized and small manufacturers of expendable spare parts.

This support is designed for operators and MROs of any type of civilian transport aircraft. Satair offers a reliable single point of contact for all the customers and the nearly 290 manufacturers currently managed by IPP.

In essence, Satair IPP functions as an umbrella under which Satair manages an increasing portfolio of small and medium-sized suppliers. By integrating demand from multiple operators, Satair IPP is able to improve planning accuracy and provide improved product availability as compared to what the single manufacturers and operators might be able to achieve on their own.

Manufacturers benefit from:

  • Reduced operational costs, due to Satair IPP's continuous demand forecasting on products in the entire portfolio, resulting in fewer critical and expedited orders
  • 24-hour, 365-day AOG coverage at no extra cost to manufacturers
  • A full e-commerce and SPEC2000-enabled product support system providing easy, fast and efficient access to products listed in our system
  • Opportunities to streamline production flows and increase on-time performance as a result of Satair IPP's improved order forecasting


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