Leading innovation, high-performance and quality Cargo Loading Solutions right delivered on time that is what TELAIR stands for.

With global reach, TELAIR is the world’s only supplier with a product portfolio that offers a cargo loading solution for every need. Designed for passenger aircraft and freight carriers, both lower and main decks, they include mechanical and powered systems, line fit and conversion solutions. As well as this, they also offer everything from cargo and baggage handling solutions to individual components.

TELAIR offers experience capabilities with flexibility and reliability as your cargo business demands. Whatever the customer needs, TELAIR aims to meet it while ensuring flexibility and quality throughout the entire value chain. Their wide-ranging portfolio of capabilities comprises four key areas:

  • Design and certification
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Full-scale mock-ups
  • Delivery and support

Passion for aviation and product excellence

TELAIR combines its passion for aviation with a promise of product excellence. As a partner of all major aircraft manufacturers and airlines, they are collaborating closely with its customers in order to find the optimal cargo handling solution for every specific need using the most innovative equipment and offering outstanding support throughout the life cycle.

Since their company was established they have registered more than 350 patents. TELAIR has decades of experience and many industry-first technology applications to its name. The cargo loading solutions help to cost-effectively transport cargo, while boosting revenue and profitability through faster loading and unloading, reduced fuel and handling needs, and lower maintenance and repair costs. With unmatched delivery performance, you can be sure TELAIR is always close by with a solution to meet the challenges.

Some call it excellence in cargo. TELAIR calls it LOADING WITHOUT COMPROMISE.