Consumables, Expendables & Standard Parts

We supply everything you need for your daily operations from our global one-stop shop for aircraft expendables and standard parts.

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Purchasing all kinds of parts, big and small, from a huge supply network is demanding. But thanks to our worldwide stock, logistics network and our efficient ordering set-up, we can supply you with all your needs: worldwide - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Aircraft Standard Parts

They might be small parts in the big picture, but they have a huge impact if missing! Our increasing global portfolio consists of Fasteners, Standard Hardware, Electrical products, Air-fluids, Sealing products, Engineering assemblies. Bolts, nuts, screws, inserts & rivets, spacers, clamps, washers, pins and brackets and many more are all important for keeping your aircraft safe and flying.

Types of Standard Parts

We offer you an extensive range of Airbus Company Standards and Industry Standards - ready for your daily operations. Get the advantage of exclusive Airbus engineering know-how to identify your optimum offer.

Airbus Company Standards

We hold the Highest Quality Standards: All Airbus Company Standards are supplied with an EASA Form 1 certificate - in line with the requirements from the authorities for our branded Airbus Standard Parts. It means all design, manufacturing, inspection data and marking requirements are under Airbus control & responsibility. Also we offer you all parts with an approved & reliable source due to the Airbus qualification process.

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Industry Standards

Even for the smallest part you need the safety of having quality products and materials at hand. All our Industry Standard Parts are certified with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).