Aircraft Modification Kits

A Standard Modification Kit, or just Mod Kit, is a pre-defined selection of parts put together to perform a modification on an aircraft as specified in a Airbus Standard Service Bulletin.

The Modification Kit consists of

  • Airbus Proprietary Parts
  • Standard Parts

A Modification Kit does not include tools.

What is a Standard Service Bulletin?

The Airbus Standard Service Bulletin informs you about aircraft modification. It is an airworthiness approved document created to implement a change to the type design of, or an inspection to, a delivered aircraft either to maintain its level of safety, or to improve its operation.

Want to order a Modification Kit?

Modification Kits related to standard Service Bulletins can be placed with Airbus. 

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Other kits

The demand for kits is growing and we are of course able to deliver. Besides Aircraft Modification Kits we also offer Repair Kits, Upgrade Kits and Tool kits.

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