Used Serviceable Material (USM)

VAS Aero, a Satair Service Company, is the world's leading provider of re-distribution services for aftermarket parts, serving the global aviation sector with a focus on USM.

VAS maintains state-of-the-art warehouses as well as a global sourcing and sales network, optimising the distribution of aviation material by positioning employees close to customers and partners around the world. With over 40 years of experience, VAS has one of the largest portfolios of quality aviation assets in the aftermarket. VAS has developed unparalleled sourcing and customer relationships with industry-leading Airlines, MROs and OEMs.

VAS brings enhanced capabilities to Satair’s USM offering

Our vision is to become the world's leading USM (Used Serviceable Material) solutions provider through a focus on four key areas.

  • Availability
    We offer you an extended portfolio of USM scope containing nearly one million part numbers at competitive prices. The acquisition complements Satair’s existing offerings.
  • Expertise
    We provide you with access to unique USM know-how: VAS is a highly experienced USM nose-to-tail service provider managing engine and multi-fleet USM to help your business save cost, improve availability and much more.
  • Answer to changing customer demand
    We help your business to maximise its value by focusing on cost-effectiveness and sustainable practices through the complete aircraft lifecycle and beyond.
  • Securing market position
    Together with you, VAS and Airbus, we want to secure Satair’s future footprint as a leading player in the material and USM business by meeting your demand for more sustainable solutions which also is a great complement to the Airbus sustainability agenda at large.

Overview of VAS offering and solutions

Asset Teardowns & Inventory Re-Distribution

VAS helps your business achieve a better aircraft lifecycle value by managing aircraft, engines, & inventory across various platforms through the teardown and re-sale process and supplying parts to strategic partners, key accounts, and open market base.

Asset Supply & Leasing Solutions

VAS offers a large portfolio of spare engine pool sales & lease, long-term inventory supply programs, and component exchange solutions all for the benefit of your business to save cost and improve the flexibility and availability of your fleet.

Strategic Inventory Trading

Utilising its extensive expertise, VAS strategically acquires USM based on complex demand algorithms and market trends thereby securing high-demand USM for re-sale to key accounts. Simply put, VAS leverages its leading position to ensure the timely availability of USM when you need it.

Order Fulfillment Sourcing

VAS offers just-in-time USM buying and supplying to key customers, and fills open customer orders through a large market supply network if the part is not available in stock.

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