Used Serviceable Parts

Buying used is smart - also when it comes to aviation. At Satair, we offer high quality and traceability of all used serviceable parts.

Besides reducing maintenance costs, a used aircraft part can be the necessary solution to an urgent need or a strategic asset to secure the future.

The demand for used material is growing – both on spares and components. More and more airlines have discovered that this is a way of reducing their operating cost.

Cases where buying used becomes relevant

  • Replacing parts over time as part of maintenance.
  • An immediate solution to eliminate an unscheduled downtime when new material is not available.
  • Initial provisioning packages of material from the same type of aircraft for future maintenance.

A one-stop shop for all parts including used

At Satair, we have the experience, the solid product knowledge, the vast network and the strong partnerships to deliver a quality product for your every need. You have the convenience and security of buying both the new and used parts you need from the one same provider instead of having to deal with multiple suppliers with different conditions.

We offer

  • Strategic sourcing for your future demands of single parts or packages
  • EASA form 1 Certificate on all Airbus Proprietary parts
  • Certificates from authorised repair shops or original OEM on all non-Airbus material
  • Full details on all parts including part’s ownership history, repairs and certification status
  • Consignment sales possibility of your used and excess stock no matter if you are an airline or an OEM

Our coverage is rapidly expanding, and we cover not only Airbus products and components but strive to deliver on all platforms and engines – just tell us what you need.

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Used serviceable parts we stock

Flight control surfaces, such as elevators, flaps, slats, spoilers, doors and rudders

Line Replacement Units such as APUs, slides, computers, avionics, coffee makers, ovens, sensors and valves

Engine parts such as thrust reversers, ignition and power supply system parts and nacelle parts from the world’s leading manufacturers.

More than 60 years of experience

Since Satair was founded in 1957, the business idea was trading used, surplus parts from old aircraft. Since then we advanced our offering to include new manufactured parts (and much more). Today, the used parts offering has developed into a multi-channel operation alongside the new parts.