Initial Provisioning Solutions

Ensure a smooth Entry-Into-Service

Get your aircraft ready for its very first take-off

It takes a lot of activities and planning to secure a smooth Entry-Into-Service (EIS). Count on our experience and vast supplier network to lift some of the workload off your shoulders.

We support your EIS with our customized Initial Provisioning Packages containing all the material you need to start your operation as well as prepare for future maintenance events.

Initial Provisioning Solutions consists of two main elements

Material Readiness Support

The Material Readiness Support starts with a Material Readiness Roadmap which is created as part of the planning process for an aircraft’s EIS. Along with this, Satair provides the Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL), together with Spares Consulting to help customers select the right parts that will be needed. The Tooling Recommendation completes the provisioning support.

Broad Service Offering

The service element of Satair’s provisioning offer primarily covers material availability and stock optimization. This includes Initial Spares Provisioning Packages as well as Customized Spares Requests e.g. for Fly-Away Kits. The provisioning service can also include additional recommendations required for aircraft operations such as recommendations for Component Replacement Material.

Why team up with us?

    • Focus on Initial Provisioning Packages
    • Airbus Quality and complementary to Airbus FHS and other Material Services
    • A strong network of 80+ approved suppliers and repair partners
    • Flexible solutions to minimize your investments
    • Airbus inspection and certification of each tool and spare
    • Package content based on your maintenance setup
    • One, single interface managing all orders, pricing, claims and lead times  

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Provisioning Documents

Find all the standard and supplementary provisioning documents, which help you to prepare your Entry Into Service or fleet growth (login to AirbusSpares required)

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Training Material

Get familiarised with the material readiness roadmap process, the provisioning documentation and the mathematical model used to determine the right quantities (login to AirbusSpares required).

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Read more about our supplier parts and tool packages.

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