Customised Seminars

Spares Mobile Classroom

Our flexible training option is a customised training course we deliver at our customers’ facilities. Customers with a high demand for training and limited travel possibilities can select lessons, set-up and target audience as per their requirement. Once content and set-up are defined the Material Management Seminars team will tailor a course accordingly.

The Spares Mobile Classroom offers a high efficient and individual training module enabling the customer to save travel time and costs. In addition this on-site tailored training minimizes disturbance of your operation since the training hours can be arranged as per the customers working and shift plan.


A variety of modules are on offer and can be selected and matched according to your specific requirements. Once modules are selected the Material Management Seminars team will tailor a course specific to your needs.

Choose the content that fits your needs from the picking list and any other seminars

  • General 
  • Planning
  • Purchase
  • Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Quality
  • Supplier
  • Practice
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering

Target audience
Airlines, MROs, OEMs at any level of experience


Fluency in English, no minimum experience level

All year


Event fee
On request


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