Advanced Material Management

26 Oct - 28 Oct 2020Singapore

Aimed at managers and experienced professionals in the aviation logistics and material business, this seminar highlights strategic decision including their cost implications. We benchmarks current state-of-the-art business practices and trainees will be provided with detailed expertise across material management business processes and their solutions


  • Cost Awareness
  • Break
  • Excercise Cost Awareness: Load factor
  • Material Management Trends
  • Excercise Cost Awareness: Ordering cost
  • Challenges of Efficient Planning
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Exercise Cost Awareness: Material category
  • Spares Access Concepts
  • Digitalisation
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Supply Chain Case Study

Target audience
Airlines, MROs, OEMs
Managers and experienced professionals

Fluency in English, no minimum experience level

Satair Pte Ltd
12 Seletar Aerospace Link
Singapore 797553

Event Fee
2,970 USD

Information & Registration

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