Tools & GSE Specialisation

01 Dec - 02 Dec 2020Miami FL, USA

The 2-day specialisation seminar emphasizes the criticality and complexity of tools and ground support equipment in aircraft and maintenance business. Our tool management and tool engineering experts provide comprehensive knowledge of efficient GSE & Tools planning methods, sourcing activities and tools operations. We discuss challenges that this business brings along and go through best industry practices and methods to increase efficiency in the tools supply chain.


  • Tools are critical
  • Categories of Tools and GSE
  • Tools Design
  • Documentation
  • Provisioning
  • Tools Sourcing
  • Tech Request
  • Tools & GSE Case Study

Target audience
Airlines, MROs, OEMs
Professionals dealing with tools management and operations

Fluency in English, no minimum experience level

Satair USA, Inc.
11255 NW 106 St
BLDG1 Suite 6
Miami, FL 33178 USA

Event Fee
1,800 USD

Information & Registration

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