Airbus Proprietary Parts Services

Parts repair, lease and exchange services for your Airbus aircraft.

We offer an outstanding service for repair and overhaul and one single point of contact handling everything around your repair orders. Here are some examples: 

  • EASA/FAA/TCCA/CAAC certifications
  • All types of damage and malfunctions
  • Fleet-wide engineering and design knowledge closely combined with repair
  • Advanced lease or exchange options prior to repair
  • Guaranteed repair times
  • Customised repair scope adapted to your needs

A global repair network

We maintain a worldwide network of more than 35 Airbus approved repair stations and Airbus approved partners, which make us able to respond to your needs and perform repairs regionally.

Our Airbus repair and partner repair shops have combined structural repair and manufacturing experience and can provide you with comprehensive solutions, whether you require a minor repair or a complete overhaul.

Repair capabilities

Structural parts

Rudder, Elevator, Radome, Main Landing Gear, Door, Nose, Landing Gear Door, Slats, Flaps, Ailerons, PAX Door, Cargo Door, Fairing, Spoiler, Winglet, Wingtip, Composite material parts, Centre Tank, Sharklets, and many more parts.

Mechanical parts

Sliding Window, Table Assy, Strut Assy, Lever Assy, Latch Unit, Pipes, Pintle Pin, Mufflers, Tubes, Duct Assy, Rod Assy, manifold, Valve Assy, Artificial feel unit, and many more parts.

Electrical parts

Side Stick, Panel, Passenger Service Information Unit, Handset, Combi Panel, Circuit Breaker Panel, Water Ice Protection Unit, Refuel Panel, and many more parts.

Parts lease and exchange

The Airbus lease and exchange service for proprietary parts enables you to continue to operate your aircraft while unserviceable parts are temporarily being removed and repaired.

  • Assistance to limit turn-around times and to cover urgent unexpected demands
  • Protect aircraft operation and in-time maintenance due to removal and installation in one go 
  • Simple access to high quality used spare parts at latest technical standard incl. latest mod and AD conformity
  • Secure the planned layover schedule of the aircraft during maintenance activities

Order conversion

Flexible conversion scenarios enable you to react on repair related issues considering your own repair capabilities and current inventory situation.


  • From Exchange to Sale
  • From Sale to Exchange
  • From Sale to Lease
  • From Lease to Sale
  • From Exchange to Lease
  • From Lease to Exchange

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