Supply Chain Solutions

Focus on your core airline or MRO business and leave the complex supply chain management to us. 

We are dedicated to serve any needs you may have, from customised logistics and stock management systems to a full end-to-end supply chain integration.

Your flying operations should run uninterrupted. For that you need spare parts and material to be available when and where you need them - not least for the unplanned, critical maintenance events. But you don’t want to hold onto a large inventory or be concerned with complex material management. No matter what level of supply solutions you need, we offer our expertise, access to leading technology and maximum flexibility in a tailored solution. Take advantage of our more than 60 years of experience, networks and capabilities within the global aerospace aftermarket – it pays off on so many levels.

Integrated Material Services (IMS)

With IMS we manage the entire supply chain for you. We provide robust planning, procurement and logistics service as well as repairs and maintenance. Your IMS solution will be developed and tailored to your exact needs and in close coorporation with you. And as your business transforms, your IMS set-up adapts.

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Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI)

Too much stock on the shelf is expensive, whereas too little can result in maintenance delays. With Airbus Managed Inventory – AMI - you will save money and reduce your replenishment costs. Together, we can create a setup, that fits your needs and then continuously monitor your consumption data, and make sure you have the right stock level all the time.

Customised Spares Logistics (CSL)

We can take responsibility for your logistics and manage the delivery of all your spare parts, so you get them in time and within budget. No set-up investment, stable all-in rates and only one monthly invoice.

On-site Stock Solution

Have immediate access to the parts you need for your maintenance task right on site. Enjoy the highest technical standards with no upfront investment and very low service fees.


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