Supply Chain Solutions

Simplify your airline or MRO business and let us handle the everyday challenges of material management.

We answer your specific requirements by offering tailored solutions encompassing dynamic inventory optimisation, customised logistics and seamless end-to-end operational integration.

Your operational continuity is our priority. We understand the importance of having spare parts and materials available precisely when and where you need them, especially during critical, unforeseen maintenance events. Say goodbye to inventory concerns and complex material management. With our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and adaptable solutions, we can cater to your specific supply requirements. Benefit from over 60 years of experience, extensive networks, and our expertise in the global aerospace aftermarket - it's an investment that pays off in countless ways.

But what do our Supply Chain Solutions entail?

Supply Chain Solutions for Any Situation

End-to-end Supply Chain Solutions

Benefit from our Integrated Material Services (IMS), covering end-to-end supply chain management for expendables —in regards to forecasting, planning, procurement, logistics and scope administration with material under our ownership and investment.

Efficiency Solutions

Too much stock on the shelf is expensive, whereas too little can result in maintenance delays. With our efficiency solutions, you will save money and time. We can create a setup that fits your needs and then continuously monitor your consumption data through IT interfaces to make sure you have the right stock level all the time.

Logistics Solutions

We can take responsibility for your logistics and manage the delivery of all your spare parts, so you get them on time and within budget. No set-up investment, stable all-in rates and one interface.

Which Option is Right for Your Business? - Your own tailored solution

Each of our Supply Chain Solutions is explicitly tailored to each of our customers, so it is possible to add or remove any product features. Maybe you need an end-to-end solution from planning and procurement to repairs and maintenance - all tailored to the specifics of your operations. All-in-all, with our Supply Chain Solutions, you can dial up or dial down the specific features to fit the needs of your business.

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk!

If you have questions or want to hear more about how we can help you with our Supply Chain Solutions, contact your designated account director or find contact information to our customer order fulfilment on this page


So How Does the Process Work?

From the initial talks to the entry-into-service, we try to make the implementation process as simple as possible. On average, it takes around ten months. However, every airline is different, and we pride ourselves on asking the right questions and getting the right answers so that the commercial concept down to the final contract are exact and specific to your business needs.

While we tailor our supply chain solutions specifically during our research and development, the process itself generally goes as follows:

The Implementation Process

  1. Initial assessment and strategy definition

  2. Develop a vision and macro view of your solution

  3. Develop a commercial concept and review commercials
    After customer talks and an assessment of your business needs, we tailor solutions to fit those needs and submit a formal commercial offer.

  4. Feedback and fine-tuning
    This is the period allotted for your team and our Satair team to work in partnership to review and revise the concept to ensure that it meets all of your business requirements.

  5. Agreement
    We formalise the agreement based on the agreed-upon parameters and submit it to the legal teams in both your business and Satair for final review.

  6. Contract Draft & Signature
    A formal business contract is drafted and signed between your business and Satair

  7. Entry Into Service
    We begin sourcing and acquiring the aircraft material and setting up the operational processes and infrastructure that are agreed upon in your specific supply chain solution.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Supply Chain Solutions

Every customer situation is different, but in ideal situations, our experience is that the onboarding process takes around one year. This is roughly divided into half a year from the kick-off meeting to finalising an agreement, then half a year entry into service preparations.

Very flexible. We tailor and adapt every supply chain solution specifically to the operational needs and processes of each of our customers. We can also consult you on the cost efficiency of your requirements.

Maintaining the ongoing partnerships that we have with our customers is of utmost importance. We want to ensure that our customers are getting our full attention during the onboarding process. Therefore, we limit our customer onboarding capacity.

We offer full transparency in our partnerships. For the parts, you will not pay more than you could achieve in general on the open market. For the service activities we typically separate it into a fee instead of a material markup tailored to the specific activities and scope of the partnership.