Tool Repair and Lease

We offer repair and lease services for both Airbus and supplier tools.

Tool repair service

We offer a full range of repair capabilities for more than 1,200 Airbus and supplier tools with a quick turnaround time (TAT) ensuring your in-time tool availability and consequently a return of your aircraft to operation as soon as possible.

  • Worldwide repair network
  • Quick and qualified responses to repair orders
  • Repair stations approved by Airbus
  • Repair includes latest technical configuration 
  • Competitive prices 

Tool lease service

Tool lease is an alternative solution much appreciated by airlines and MROs. We have an extensive selection of tools with immediate and simple return. We regularly invest in new stock to support current operators and the growing fleet such as A350, A320neo and A330neo.

Tools available for lease

  • Tools required for special tasks, such as main landing gear change trolleys, engine change equipment or pylon trolleys
  • Rarely used tools such as test equipment and zero stress jacking
  • Tools for unscheduled maintenance and repair tool kits such as service bulletin/modification related tools and kits
  • For leasing of these and all other tools, please contact us directly

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