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With our Tomorrow Lab we make room for an exchange about the challenges and solutions of tomorrow. Here we share innovation happening right now and discuss the exiting inventions lying ahead of us. Join and engage in the dialogue for the benefit of an industry with endless opportunities waiting to be examined and discussed.

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Virtual Trainings : How working environment changed and training along with it with Claudia Wenzel and Cécile Theunissen

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At the live Tomorrow Talks events, expert 
in- and outside Satair share insights and inspiration on a hot topic within our industry and answer your questions.


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The conditions in the aviation industry has changed dramatically. This calls for an ability to not just adapt, but to advance. The Satair Tomorrow Lab is just one of many initiatives we are taking to stay ahead of the time coming. With “Your future – we’re on it” we promise you to exploit the opportunities of the new, to create value for you that lasts beyond now.