Satair Tomorrow Talks

How the working environment changed and training along with it


Effective and flexible training solutions are needed to adapt to changing working environments. 

These days social media and other free accessible online platforms are rich sources for training content for everyone at any time anywhere. 

Even if the great diversity of available training content seems to encourage professional growth and development, the question however remains if this strategy of permanent information tanking is efficient enough to achieve real change behavior in our daily business.

What you will get out of the session:

  • Learn about meaning of virtual trainings.
  • How blended learning can foster personal development and learning path.
  • How Satair adapted our virtual trainings according to the blended learning concept and how the trainees can benefit from this approach.

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Expand your knowledge even more with Material Management Seminars

Solid and effective training is key to cope with the new working environment and adapt to challenges that we are facing in material management.

Check-In to our virtual classrooms for hands-on knowledge and learn about the essentials in Material Management. On-top of tuition events and self-study phases, our learning journeys will give you the assets to define your personal learning goals for a successful implementation in your daily work.

What are Tomorrow Talks?

Tomorrow Talks is part of our Tomorrow Lab and is a series of live events, inspiring you on relevant topics in the field of aviation after sales. Through our more than 60 years in aviation material management, we have gained valuable knowledge and insights into the industry of airlines, MROs, and aviation OEMs, which we are eager to share with you and become even more knowledgeable together.   We offer a broad variety of Tomorrow Talks where you can meet the experts live and ask your questions, as well as to share experiences and insight. Tomorrow Talks are complimentary and open for all.

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