How to use Market

Welcome to the Satair Market tutorial page

We have created a series of tutorials on key functionalities on Satair Market. We hope these videos will offer you quick guidance through the basic steps.

You can also choose to download our user guide in Chinese or Spanish below

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How to download product certificates

All product certificates become available to you as soon as your order has been shipped. See how you download them here.



Learn to use the Marketplace solution

On Market you can order new, surplus and used serviceable material from vetted third-party sellers. See how to find and order them in this intro to our Marketplace solution.



How to add products to your cart

It is easy to find products, narrow your results, and add the desired quantity of products to your card. See how it is done right here.

How to upload your own list of needed parts

If you need to order many parts in one go, you can upload your own list of products to Market and get instant results from our global stock. See how it is done here.

How to make a multiline search

If you want to search for many parts in one go, copy-paste each part number into the multiline search for instant results from our global stock. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

How the complete order overview looks like

You can find an overview of all your orders with Satair and keep track of each order up until forwarder pick-up. Learn more about your complete order overview right here.

How to order parts with a quantity discount

On some parts we provide a price break discount if you order certain quantities. Parts with a price break discount are recognised by their pink ribbon. Learn how you order them here.

How to reset your password

If you need to reset your password, you can do this from any login box on or Satair Market. See how you request a new password here

Find all your quotes on Satair products

Learn how you view all your quotes in an easy Quote Overview page and how you convert your quotes into an order.


Request a quote or place a bid on 3rd party Seller products

For 3rd party Seller products, you can request a price from the Seller if the product does not have a listed price. On some products, you can also place a bid towards the Seller.