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Satair is the one stop shop for Airlines and MROs for Aeroquip® Aerospace brand products

Aeroquip® Aerospace brand products, manufactured by Eaton Aerospace’s Fluid and Electrical Division, are well known, high quality products such as hose assemblies, quick disconnect hydraulic couplings, clamps, flanges, fittings, seals, and the Rynglok® Hydraulic Tube Fitting System. These products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace and defense industries. Having worked continuously with Aeroquip® brand products for over 70 years, we have expertise and dedication that cannot be duplicated.

What We Offer

  • Aeroquip® Aerospace products distribution for a wide range of markets and customers
  • Large amount of inventory, regionally stocked to quickly meet your needs
  • Dedicated product management resources, regionally placed to quickly assist with all your needs
  • Value added services and products like our hose shop and fly away kits

Satair Miami Hose Shop

Satair’s acquisition of Aero Hardware & Supply in August 2010 brought with it significant experience in Aeroquip® Aerospace products. The assets acquired included a business going back to 1947, which took pride in having very high technical expertise, as well as being Aeroquip’s first distributor.

Today, the hose shop continues in a new, state of the art facility. Our hose shop enables us to offer more competitive prices, reduced lead times, and AOG service for a wide range of hose assemblies.

Our hose shop has the following approvals:

  • AS9100/ISO 9001
  • Eaton Certificate of Approval
    • To manufacture Aeroquip® Aerospace hoses with manufacturer’s certificate of conformance, FAA PMA and TSO approvals
  • NADCAP AC7123
    • Fluid Distribution Systems hose shop accreditation
  • QPL-25579 hose assemblies
    • PN series MS8000 through MS8009
  • SAE PRI-QPL-AS1339 hose assemblies
    • PN series AS115 through AS120
    • PN series AS153 through AS158
  • SAE PRI-QPL-AS1975 hose assemblies
    • PN series AS4568 through AS4591

Hydraulic Fly Away Kits (FAK)

Satair’s Hydraulic FAKs have been designed to temporarily repair damaged hose assemblies and rigid tubes. The FAKs assist in reducing delays of normal operations of an aircraft.

The kits can be either loaded onto the aircraft for repair of the leaks anywhere, or placed at maintenance hubs or far-away outstations.

Standardized kits to suit your needs

FAKs are available for legacy aircraft with 3,000 PSI hydraulic systems, and newer aircraft with 5,080 PSI hydraulic systems. The FAKs contain unions, reducers, caps, plugs, and Eaton® hose assemblies of different diameters and lengths.

How to use the FAK

The repairs are done by replacing the leaking hose or tube with one or more of the hose assemblies in the FAK. The case has foam cutouts in two layers for easy use and replenishment.

Information on how to conduct the repairs, and the number of flight cycles/flight hours the temporary repairs are good for can be found in the aircraft’s AMM Chapter 20.

Ordering the FAK

We offer four different standard kits. Select the kit part number by choosing the airframe OEM and the hydraulic system operating pressure:

Note: The 5,080 PSI FAK cannot be used to repair a 3,000 PSI legacy aircraft hydraulic system, because the thread types are different. 3,000 PSI systems use fine threads, while 5,080 PSI systems use extra fine threads.

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